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The 2 Investing Tools That Led to a Perfect Track Record
Austin Hatley | August 6, 2014

Find out how one expert is collecting "Instant Income" checks that range from $50 to $5,000 without a single losing trade.

Little-Known Indicator Signals 'Buy' -- Now We're Up 190%
Frank Bermea | July 25, 2014

This system uses two unique technical and fundamental indicators to generate returns of 143%... 154%... even 177%... in just a few months, without using options.

This 'Fundamental Flaw' Could Be Costing You Money Every Day
Jim Woods | May 16, 2014

Many investors make the mistake of relying on fundamental metrics to select "cheap" stocks when there's a much stronger indication of near-term gains.

This Indicator Defies Everything You Thought You Knew About Buy-and-Hold Investing
Austin Hatley | May 12, 2014

It flies in the face of what value investors believe, but for over half a century, traders have used it to produce unparalleled results.

3-Digit Code Highlights Major Blue Chip... Right Before a 26% Gain
Frank Bermea | May 9, 2014

This unique system leverages simple, yet powerful technical and fundamental indicators to generate returns of 26%... 61.5%... even 118%... without using options.

How the Alpha Score Generates 100%-Plus Gains -- Without Options
Malcolm T. | April 25, 2014

There's a little-known indicator that's making a small group of investors a lot of money.

Government Data Reveals 1,900 'Super Investors' Own This Stock...
Michael J. Carr | February 28, 2014

This system combines the prowess of the world's best investors with unquestionable data to predict huge gains. Here's how it works...

A Buy-and-Hold Twist for When a 500% Gain Isn't Enough

Large gains are not always enough to help investors recover from the steep losses that accompany a bear market. Avoid disaster with this simple modification.

This Strategy Has Worked Since 1801 and Is a Good Bet for 2014
Michael J. Carr | December 27, 2013

An investment strategy that has been proven to work for more than 200 years is likely to continue working in the future.

This System May Not be Sexy, But It Did Lead to Double-Digit Gains in 3 Months
Austin Hatley | November 8, 2013

Things like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue indicator may be intriguing, but if it's cold, hard profits you're looking for, this is the system to follow.