Technical Indicators

I wanted to follow-up from the post “Lessons from Gold’s Three-Push Divergence into $1,800” from last week with an additional trading example of how to piece together the chart puzzle into a successful low-risk, high probability trade on the very short-term structure. Let’s take a look at the chart and… Read More

I’m afraid I haven’t been globetrotting around the world in the last month. I haven’t been hitting up conferences, or meeting with analysts, or any of that other fun stuff… Instead, I’ve been sitting at my desk in Agora Financial’s Baltimore offices, glued to my computer screens. Read More

This week’s Wyckoff lesson gives us another colorful description of an important trading principle – that of supply and demand. The lesson this week comes from Richard Wyckoff’s Studies in Tape Reading and explains how we can visualize supply and demand – absorption and distribution – in… Read More

A reader recently asked me if we had a “Kick-off” Signal in Harley Davidson (HOG) and indeed we did – with powerful follow-through as anticipated. The entire event gives us a great lesson in the Kick-off Reversal Signal, with the special emphasis on two-timeframe confluence support (on… Read More

All investments involve taking either a long or short position. Individual investors are generally more familiar with going long, which means buying a stock that you think will go higher in price. But in bear markets, where everything seems to go down, for those wanting to… Read More