Stocks & ETFs to Buy

In today’s market notes, we take a look at a “big idea” introduced by our good friend Tom Dyson (now of The Palm Beach Letter) and say, “Well played, sir.”   More than three years ago, Tom introduced DailyWealth readers… Read More

On August 19, Hewlett-Packard dropped another bomb on its investors. After reporting disappointing earnings in May, the largest personal computer (PC) manufacturer in the world said it will no longer sell personal computers. That’s like McDonald’s announcing it won’t sell hamburgers anymore. Read More

On August 8th, we noted how Royal Gold has become an “investment rarity.” The unique gold company was one of the few stocks to hold steady during the recent selling panic.   Today, we feature another rarity… one confirms our idea that if you want to make a… Read More

Recently we posted a blog on the ideal time to buy gmcr — not when it popped on earnings, but long before that when the stock pulled back in orderly fashion to support.   #-ad_banner-#Just last Monday, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters… Read More

Two trades that look good to me today are PCAR and CAKE. Both have nice hammers into Demand zones, CAKE’s being a more substantial level. If we have some good market momentum, CAKE could get a nice pop… Read More