Stocks & ETFs to Buy

After suffering a brutal 2011, things are turning around for the “junior resource” sector.   Regular readers are familiar with the “boom and bust” junior resource sector. This area of the market contains small energy and mineral exploration firms looking for next… Read More

General Motors Company is a global automotive company. It develops, produces and markets cars, trucks and parts worldwide. General Motors also provides automotive financing services through General Motors Financial Company, Inc. (GM Financial), formerly AmeriCredit Corp. These financing operations consist principally of financing automobile purchases and leases for retail customers. Read More

Traders should avoid Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)  right now. It has probably reached the bubble stage of its price rise (I’ll explain below). But the stock market can still move higher, even if Apple lags.   In fact, I think it’s a great time to add… Read More

Today’s chart is an update on one of the biggest investment ideas in the world… one we’ve written about for years… and labeled, “Asia up, the West, not so much.”    The trend is the gradual increase of Asian economic power… and the gradual decrease of old European economic power. Read More