Market Analysis

Today’s chart shows how it’s “boom times in Iowa”… And our warning to dictators still stands.   Several times this year, we’ve highlighted how one of the great fears of the world’s dictators is a big spike in food prices. The average Joe – whether he lives in… Read More

One of our “investment rarities,” Royal Gold, has gone wild.   During last month’s selling panic, we noted how longtime DailyWealth recommendation Royal Gold had become an “investment rarity” (as the “rare coin” shysters like to say). While stocks of all types were plunging, Royal Gold was one… Read More

Sometimes, it’s very important to strip your chart of all indicators and just focus on the message from price, which comes through clearest without all the clutter. There’s a very clear message from price itself in terms of range/value reference areas, so let’s listen to what price says and how… Read More