Market Analysis

The gold warning we issued in mid-August came at the right time. Prices have fallen from $1,900 an ounce to $1,650. Many “latecomer” gold owners are terrified. Considering this latest round of price action, we once again encourage readers to take the… Read More

With markets in a turbulent/volatile phase on the lower frames, it can be very helpful to slow the pace down by pulling up to a higher timeframe. Let’s take a look at two major Fibonacci Cluster levels that help us make sense of the current S&P 500… Read More

What does the current Cross-Market landscape look like after Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting/announcement? Let’s take a look to see the current structure along with the big market winners and losers. Here’s the intraday Cross-Market Landscape:… Read More

As an analyst, I’m not only interested in how high gold might go over the next year. My suspicion is that it will go much higher than $1800. But I can’t build a stable financial model and a strong case to buy gold mining stocks around suspicion. What I can… Read More