Jonas Elmerraji

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It’s time to forget being practical about your portfolio. Practical advice — the tried and true suggestions like “buy what you know” and “invest in value” — are great strategies much of the time. They’re investment philosophies that have historically made folks a lot of money in the stock… Read More

The ups and downs of this market are enough to make you seasick. Today, I want to share a preview of what to expect in this new month… With all of the market flux we’ve seen in the last several weeks, it’s… Read More

  Being good at taking losses is the hallmark of a good trader. That may sound fishy, but bear with me… You see, some of the most successful traders I know are also the most psychologically prepared to cut their losses and… Read More

I’m afraid I haven’t been globetrotting around the world in the last month. I haven’t been hitting up conferences, or meeting with analysts, or any of that other fun stuff… Instead, I’ve been sitting at my desk in Agora Financial’s Baltimore offices, glued to my computer screens. Read More