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Below is a chart of the last few days of the S&Ps (ES).  It is a 27,000 Tick Chart.  This is just a higher time frame ver­sion of what I gen­er­ally use dur­ing the trad­ing day.  It is sim­i­lar to a 45-minute to 60-minute stan­dard chart, depend­ing on the activ­ity. … Read More

I just noticed this … I used to trade Wolfe Waves with another trader out of Mon­tana.  I took Bill Wolfe’s course and worked on this trad­ing method dili­gently.  In fact, it was trad­ing Wolfe Waves that got me deep into Wyckoff’s work.  At the 5-point in… Read More

Read­ers and stu­dents know that I have been dis­cussing the increase in sup­ply seen in the S&Ps (ES) for sev­eral weeks.  Last week showed fur­ther sup­ply and weak­ness com­ing into the mar­ket.  Let’s take a closer look. On the weekly chart, we can see that the mar­ket spent two and… Read More