Dave Goodboy

Analyst Articles

Study after study has proven that it’s more profitable to buy weakness in a stock than to chase after strength. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, as sometimes upward momentum is simply too strong to ignore. However, overall, there is a distinct, proven edge to buying weakness for short-term trading. Read More

The telecommunication business has experienced extreme changes during the past 30 years. Today even children have their own smartphones that provide Internet access and computing power that required an entire room to accomplish not so long ago. These changes have created billions of dollars in profits for savvy investors who… Read More

Successful short-term trading is a learnable skill. It takes a combination of a keen eye to identify changing fundamentals within the market or company and the ability to read price. By “reading price,” I mean the aptitude to study price changes on a spread sheet or chart in order to… Read More

Biotech stocks present the most exciting and potentially lucrative opportunities within the stock market. Outside of derivatives and commodities, I can think of no other financial instrument that offers such potential at often very low entry prices.   The reason being is that most of these small companies have no… Read More

U.S. retailers continue to show signs of improvement across the board. According to the National Retail Federation, 2013 ended with a 3.7% increase in sales, and 2014 is predicted to continue the trend with 4.1% sales growth. However, consumer confidence is weakening, with the Conference Board’s index falling more than… Read More