Corey Rosenbloom

Analyst Articles

What does the current Cross-Market landscape look like after Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting/announcement? Let’s take a look to see the current structure along with the big market winners and losers. Here’s the intraday Cross-Market Landscape:… Read More

We’ve been hearing a lot of attention – as usual – on the Financial sector (particularly in Europe), so let’s take a brief moment to see the key chart/trading levels we’re watching on the popular XLF Financial Sector ETF and then peek at the wild 3x leveraged financial funds FAS… Read More

News of Greece’s debt and European contagion again dominated the headlines on Friday. The Euro broke major confluence chart support and is currently in free-fall… but what is the current structure saying and what are the current levels to watch as a reference? Let’s take a look, starting with the… Read More