Corey Rosenbloom

Analyst Articles

  When you’re studying a price chart to assess trading opportunities, what is your eye drawn to first? Is it the indicators?  Is it moving averages?  How about candles? #-ad_banner-#And when you are looking to put on a trade, are you taking a moment to address the context in which… Read More

Gold gave us a breakdown sell signal last week in the form of broken daily support in the context of an intraday Rounded Reversal price pattern. Let’s take a look at these new developments and what levels are key to watch in… Read More

Oil put in a stellar upside performance from October to present, and now faces yet another “Resistance Challenge” (it’s passed the others so far) into the $100 price resistance confluence. Let’s view three timeframes of Crude Oil to see what to look for and what might come of the “Battle… Read More

  It makes sense that the broader market would pause to catch its breath after such a stellar October performance. That’s what’s happening at the moment as the S&P 500 consolidates/pauses in a sideways/symmetrical triangle price pattern. Let’s review the pattern and… Read More