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We’re seeing upside breakouts all over the place. That’s the biggest thing to take away from the week’s trading action…   Regular DailyWealth readers are familiar with the concept of a “breakout.” It’s simply a price at which an asset “breaks” into… Read More

Just like pipelines… and just like transportation stocks… French stocks are starting the year with some good “price news.”   Over the past few weeks, we’ve noted the bullish action in pipeline stocks and transportation stocks. Both sectors started 2012… Read More

Today’s piece is the fourth in our year-end series on the dangers of a “super-concentrated” portfolio. It shows how the correlation bogeyman has even grabbed ahold of trees.   Owning productive timberland has traditionally been a great portfolio diversifier. Trees don’t care about a “flash crash” or the Nasdaq, they… Read More

While we’ve highlighted the weakness in China’s benchmark stock index… and the weakness in one of its most popular companies (Baidu), we’d be negligent if we didn’t add that China isn’t the only one… Read More

Our chart of the week shows why many folks will remember 2011 as “the year of another resource stock wipeout.”   Regular DailyWealth readers know the resource sector – the business of exploring for and extracting natural resources, like oil, gold, copper, and uranium – is one of the… Read More

The slow-motion financial train wreck in Europe is finally taking its toll on the euro. The currency just staged a major downside breakout.   Most folks don’t realize it, but the collective economies of Europe represent a larger economic block… Read More