About Us

Founded in 2013, Profitable Trading is dedicated to delivering actionable trading research using technical and fundamental analysis to over 200,000 readers every week. We are a research-intensive financial publishing firm that aims to level the playing field for retail traders by giving them access to the ideas and insights of some of the country’s top analysts.

We publish a wide variety of online content geared towards helping every kind of trader profit from today’s volatile marketplace. Whether you’re an aggressive short-term trader or a conservative income trader, you’ll find the information that you need from Profitable Trading.

Unbiased Financial Research You Can Trust

In times of economic, political and market uncertainty like we face today, individual investors and traders need professional guidance more than ever. More importantly, they need advice from a reputable information source that they can trust.

Profitable Trading is exactly that kind of company. We pride ourselves on the quality and independence of our equity research, and we’d like to assure you that we are a 100% independent, unbiased source of trading information. We never accept any compensation of any kind from the companies that we cover in our newsletters or on our web site.

Specializing in Unique Trading Ideas

Our writers and researchers specialize in uncovering ideas and opportunities that are often overlooked by more conventional Wall Street sources. When you begin reading our materials at Profitable Trading, you’ll immediately notice a major difference between our content and that which you might find somewhere else. You’ll find a focus on trading methods and ideas geared toward making you money — not a rehashing of widely available corporate news. No matter what your experience level or trading style, Profitable Trading publishes articles, newsletters, and other content for you to enjoy and profit from.