A Major New Development in Gold

Just last week, the biggest trend in all of finance reached a major milestone.
Most Americans didn’t notice this milestone. You probably didn’t read about it in the mainstream press. You probably didn’t see it mentioned on CNBC.  
But it was a big one…
This milestone was a brand new, all-time high in the price of gold. But the new high wasn’t in terms of the U.S. dollar. No… gold reached a new all-time high in terms of euros.

For around 10 years now, Growth Stock Wire’s publisher, Stansberry & Associates, has been telling its readers to buy gold and gold investments. We’ve helped tens of thousands of investors make the right gold investments. We’ve even published a book on the stuff… 

We’ve been recommending gold because it appreciates in value as the world’s biggest financial trend advances. That trend is the rising debt and unfunded obligation levels built up by the governments of the United States and most European nations.


These unfunded obligations are so large, they can only be paid off with gradually debased, devalued currencies. And the problem is so advanced – and such large portions of the population are on the dole – it is now political suicide to actually suggest that we should reduce spending and borrowing.
Let’s go over that again: The only rational solution is regarded as crazy and unspeakable. It’s a perverted set of circumstances.  
Regular readers know it’s a sorry situation. But they also know how to protect themselves. As debts and obligations are paid off with debased, devalued currencies… gold, which cannot be debased, rises. And with Europe in such a sorry state, gold has steadily advanced against the euro.
Mind you, the euro isn’t the currency of some crackpot dictatorship in Africa. This is the official paper of the world’s largest economic bloc. Its finances are falling apart. And if Europe’s political leaders won’t announce it, gold will.  
You can see gold’s “announcement” in the chart below. Gold just reached an all-time high in euro terms. This is another way of saying the euro hit an all-time low against gold.
What’s an investor or trader to do with this?
Just realize the problems that have caused gold to rise every single year for the past 11 years have not been solved. They’ve only gotten worse. Excessive borrowing and excessive welfare spending have only increased. Liars are a bit more likely to get elected to high office.
That’s why, as both an investor and as a short-term trader, I know that any time gold and gold stocks suffer a temporary sell-off, it’s time to get on the right side of the world’s biggest financial trend. It’s time to buy.