“Hidden” Market That Could Soar During Pandemic?

19, 22, 25, 26, 28, 43… No, those aren’t my lucky Powerball lotto numbers. They happen to be the percentage gains of the day’s biggest market winners as I’m writing this.

You see, one of the first things I do each morning is check the biggest advancers and decliners on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. And as usual, we’ve got some pretty big movers.

The magnitude of these gains isn’t unusual. On any given day, you’ll typically see at least a handful of stocks soaring 20%, 30%, or even more. That’s a good two to three years’ worth of gains compressed into the span of a single day.

What could trigger these sudden upward spikes? Just about anything really. A favorable legal ruling, a long-awaited FDA approval, a multi-billion dollar government contract… But most often, the stock is responding to a “hidden corner” of the market that produces major gains… sometimes overnight.

A solid quarterly earnings beat might earn some polite applause from the market. But that’s nothing compared to the thunderous standing ovation that a few “in the know” investors give to these little-known investments.

For instance, a while back the leaderboard was recently dominated by Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB). Shares of this regional telecom already leaped 36% earlier in January – only to leap again by another 20%.

What in the world would cause a telecom stock to jump by that much? After all, telecoms aren’t exactly the market’s biggest high-fliers. They’re not developing a new biotech drug… they’re not developing a game-changing technology… and they’re certainly not stumbling on any major find in natural resources.

Yet the stock surged nearly 100% in three months – thanks to this hidden market.

Clearly, this hidden corner of the market can pay off handsomely. Unfortunately, just like lightning, it’s impossible to know where it’ll strike.

Or is it?

These Gains Happen Almost Overnight…

We’ve all seen it time and again. A stock drifts lazily along for months with no real direction. And then wham! Out of nowhere, the stock takes off… rocketing to new highs.

It’s been a regular occurrence lately… yet, most regular investors never hear about them. In fact, there were 43 times these “hidden market” spikes that happened last year. And this represented $3.9 trillion in value changing hands.

I’ve been involved in my fair share of these spikes over the years. But that’s because I’ve learned to spot the trends. I spent 16 years managing money for high-net-worth clients before leaving to write about the market and help regular individual investors find winning picks in the market.

And I can tell you after years of studying this… well, let’s just say the financial rewards accrue far quicker than your typical way of investing. I’m talking about within hours instead of months or years.

But the great thing is that it doesn’t have anything to do with options, shorting, or anything complicated. You just need to know where to look…

I’ll give you an example. Over at my High-Yield Investing service, we recently cashed out a healthy 125% profit on an aircraft leasing company called Aircastle. Much of that came in a single day last November.

Aircastle is just the latest to be involved in this hidden market, though. Before that, it was refiner CVR Energy. Before that, school bus operator Student Transportation.

All netted outsized gains overnight.

A few years ago, I wrote a value-oriented newsletter called Half-Priced Stocks. We had quite a few recommendations involved in this hidden market as well. One of those was DirecTV. I flagged the satellite video provider at a price of $24 per share, and it later popped to $95. Then there was casino equipment maker Shuffle Master. It hit the jackpot in this hidden corner of the market, too.

It’s Time To Get In On The Action

Now, I can’t claim all the credit. I can’t say for sure that I knew every single time that these companies would get involved in this market. I recommended them because they were quality, cash-generating businesses trading at an attractive discount to their fair value.

But you see, after years of studying these stocks, I’ve noticed a pattern. It seems that these very traits are what lead them to this market. Because, sure enough, a lot of these picks ended up popping. In fact, here’s what happened with the latest one I tagged for a small group of my readers. (I’ve hidden the name of this stock because it’s still “in play…)

Here’s why I’m bringing all this up right now…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been frustrated by this whole coronavirus situation. But rather than complain about the market or the “lockdown”… I’ve taken advantage of the situation.

I’ve spent the past few weeks fine-tuning my criteria for finding these winners. And as you can see in the chart above, I’m already finding plenty to choose from.

In fact, I’m willing to put my track record of finding these “hidden market” gains up against any analyst in the country.

That’s why I’ve released an emergency briefing that will pull back the curtain on this hidden market.

I’ll show you how to deliberately go out in search of these hidden gains – before they happen – allowing you to see gains as high as 320%… 256%… even 760%. All from regular old stocks you can get from an off-the-shelf trading account.

And there’s the kicker that may surprise you: In the presentation, you’ll discover why this crash-proof move works even BETTER in a down market.

You WON’T find information on how to make this trade anywhere else.

This event is private and limited to just 10,000 viewers. And it will not air on ANY television channel, nor any online streaming platform other than the one we will send you. So please do not record or rebroadcast it anywhere.

Go here to watch the briefing before we have to take it down.