If You Think U.S. Stocks Look Bad, This Is Much Worse

U.S. investors have had a tough week in the stock market.  
Stocks ended Tuesday down only about 4% from their highs of 2012 – which doesn’t sound like a big deal… But it’s a loss of 4% in just five days – which is a big deal…
As bad as it has been for U.S. stocks, emerging-market investors have fared worse. When the closing bell sounded on Tuesday, the MSCI Emerging Market Index was down 9%-plus from its early March peak. Take a look…  

This index tracks the performance of 22 emerging-market countries. It includes “popular” countries like Brazil, China, India, and Russia. It also includes lesser-known countries like Indonesia, Hungary, and Morocco.  
So if misery truly loves company, U.S. investors can take comfort knowing there are plenty of other places around the globe that have taken a harder beating.
And it looks like it’s going to get worse.
The iShares MSCI Emerging Market Fund (EEM) broke below an important support line at $42.50. That area should now serve as resistance for any oversold bounce. In fact, aggressive investors could look to sell shares of EEM short as they approach the $42.50 level.
The next support is down around $40. If that fails to hold, $37 per share comes into play. That sort of action would eliminate all of this year’s gains… and even put emerging-market investors underwater for 2012.
Emerging markets are notoriously volatile. They experience dramatic “boom and bust” cycles. We’ve just seen a huge 33% boom off the October lows. Now it looks like it’s time for a bust.