This Stock Soared While Most Fell

One of our “investment rarities,” Royal Gold, has gone wild.
During last month’s selling panic, we noted how longtime DailyWealth recommendation Royal Gold had become an “investment rarity” (as the “rare coin” shysters like to say). While stocks of all types were plunging, Royal Gold was one of the few stocks advancing to new highs.
#-ad_banner-#Two big factors are driving Royal Gold’s bull market: One, Western governments are going “full bore” with the same spending, taxing, borrowing, and “bailing out” policies that got us into the 2008 credit crisis. This drives the price of gold higher and higher. Two, Royal Gold employs the efficient “royalty” model to gold mining.
As you can see, this model is working well. Royal Gold has skyrocketed 34% in the past two months… all during a time of terrible performance for stocks in general. This huge performer is due for a healthy correction, but the lesson here is clear: Traders and investors need to keep a list of quality gold stocks on hand at all times. These assets can soar while others sink.